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Recommended Reading: Parenting

All of these books will expand your knowledge, especially around developing yours and your child's strengths. Books are sourced and listed as Amazon links - but are NOT affiliate links. I do not make money from these links.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

The CliftonStrengths© Assessment that started it all. Code to take the assessment is included in the purchase.

CliftonStrengths© for Students

Designed for students ages 15 - university. Code to take the assessment is included in the purchase.

strengths-based parenting

Designed for parents with younger children. Codes for both adult & child assessments are included in the purchase.







Your Child's Strengths

Hands down my favorite book for helping parents navigate their child's strengths. Great activities for ALL ages - in fact, I suggest doing them with your child and comparing notes.




For parents who are keen to start spotting their child's strengths, StrengthsExplorer (SE) is a 78 question assessment designed for children 10-14. Honestly, I do think you can start as young as 8, but parents know their children best.

You can buy the book OR you can just visit and purchase the assessment directly there.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend taking SE as an adult as well. It helps us understand how our own talents might show up in these 10 broader domains of SE.

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