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They say there’s no ‘I’ in team.

I tend to disagree. There may be no ‘I’, but there’s certainly a ‘ME’.

A team is only as good as the individuals on it.

And an organization is only as good as its teams.

Does that mean that one person’s voice is louder than the collective? It shouldn’t. But to create greatness together, we need to understand what each member brings to the table. And the hardest part starts with self-awareness.

Understanding our own ‘why’, our deepest motivations, our internal compass is the key to creating a solid foundation from which to launch ourselves.

It’s this foundation that shows us that our differences are really advantages. When we can tap into each member and view them with positive intent, trust organically grows.

And trust is a key factor in building successful teams. With trust we build stability, generate compassion and create hope.


When we lead together with heart and conviction, we WILL change the world.


define your leadership

Self-awareness coupled with self-appreciation is the first and best step toward defining your leadership style. Embrace your unique way of shining the light for and toward others by understanding the power of your strengths.

roles & paths

Working together with individuals and managers, to ensure that each member’s talents are being maximized and utilized for the highest productivity, greatest satisfaction, least amount of stress and best chance of success.

strategic communication

I love clarity and inspiration in communication. Strengths are my secret weapon to creating consensus, bridging the gap of understanding between two people, or crafting inspiring messages to share with others.

culture & camaraderie

Strengths is the fastest way to build better teams. Using a common language develops trust, demonstrates how differences are an advantage, brings clarity to internal & external motivations, and increases compassion.

The Speak Easy Language Lab

No matter how much we want to believe we are good communicators, we all have blindspots. Our Strengths directly influence not only what we say but how we say it – and that how can get in the way of effective communication and connection. The following offers can be implemented one at a time or combined into a powerful package which catapaults you and your team forward to greater team effectiveness, more powerful connections, and overall wellbeing. Contact me for further details and to create a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Half and full day session possible as well as virtual and in-person.

Team Workshops

Team Summary Session

Format: 2-3 hr workshop

Explore your Team Summary Report to understand the strengths you hold as a team. More often than not, what is making you successful, might also be holding you back. This session identifies and demonstrates each talent of the team and explores how to use your talents to overcome challenges and continue to aim for sustainable success.

Domain Communication Styles

Format: 2-3 hr workshop

Understand the different styles of communication starting with the four domains of CliftonStrengths: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. Each domain has a certain style when they speak as well as certain needs for the kind of information they need to be at their best. Learning the nuances of each domain will improve relationships, team dynamics, and interpersonal communication. The dynamic is interactive.

Domain Needs & Contributions Interviews

Format: 90-min workshop

This is an interactive experience in which all domains have a chance to interview one another and share their needs, idiosyncrasies, and contributions which helps others understand the domains at a deeper level. A learning summary is then presented to the full team allowing others to glean insights they may not have had before the session.

one-on-one coaching for leaders

Team Analysis for Leaders

Format: 1:1 Sessions. Time & investment based on number of direct reports or peers involved.

Explore each team member’s talents at depth, to understand how best to coach, motivate, and inspire them based on what they naturally do best. This can alleviate pain points including lack of engagement or motivation as well as possible communication misunderstandings and/or conflict. This includes either a Manager’s or Leader’s Report from Gallup as well as the Practical Strengths Books on Career Success and Communication Styles.

Partners & Clients

I’ve had the privilege of working with and for some wonderful companies. While some companies prefer confidentiality, I have worked with small businesses (<50) to major Fortune 500 companies and international, luxury retail brands. I currently serve organizations in the USA, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Costa Rica and Canada and have had clients from over 20 other countries as well. Trainings and workshops are offered in both English and Spanish, in person or virtually. You can read more about me and my background here.

How can I help?

Click here to send me a note and let’s connect to see how I can be of service. I look forward to speaking with you!

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