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New Membership Structure Launched

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What started as an experiment has grown slowly and surely into something that is here to stay!

If you’d like to hear a bit more about the vision and what I hope to accomplish, feel free to watch the video. My Futuristic and Connectedness likes to dream big – but the Maximizer wants to be sure it’s a WIN for everyone and is shaped for excellent service to all.

I envision a network that will grow from a virtual start to eventually having local PSMN leaders who can host their own in-person events.


My MISSION with this membership is to build a collaborative, supportive community of people who are passionate about bringing their own strengths and the strengths of others in to the spotlight.

My VISION is to create a ripple effect impact. Each one of us brings something unique to the table which can enhance the lives of those around them and this space allows for us each to cast our own ripple, exanding ever outward.

Membership Options

CHOOSE WHAT YOU INVEST. The goal is to meet everyone where they are. I am a big believer in democratizing coaching and making it more accessible. Offering a sliding scale is part of that philosophy. I never want money to be the only reason someone has to miss an opportunity for growth, transformation, and/or success. Everyone deserves a chance and those of us who are a bit further along, can pay it forward for those still getting their start.

While still a work in progess, I am currently establishing a 501c3 Non-Profit in order to subsidize the cost of the CliftonStrengths Assessment for underserved and economically challenged communities around the world. 10% of your membership will go to support this cause each month. Once established, I will gladly send you a letter for your tax returns to claim your donation.


Membership includes:

TWO Monthly LIVE online workshops and training

  • Strategy Sessions  for business growth, ideation, and collaboration
  • Training Sessions including learning materials, activities and having a shared experience
  • All recordings and resources shared ONLY with members
  • Priority registration to future programs, courses, & certifications
  • *20% Discount on programs and courses
  • 15-min 1:1 Laser Coaching availability (2x per month)



  • You are able to cover basic living expenses each month, but don’t have much left over for discretionary spending.
  • You can afford to invest in this program without going into debt, but paying a higher price tier would set you back.




  • You have a steady job and reliable stream of income, with money left over each month for discretionary spending.

  • You may not have an excess of savings, but you have “enough” to live comfortably.



  • You feel abundant and do not worry about how you will cover your living expenses each month

  • You have savings and can afford to support sustainable learning for others.

  • BONUS: 1:1 Coaching or Strategy Session with me every quarter

*Programs and courses are generally priced between $750- $1500 to give you an idea of potential savings.

1:1 coaching is typically priced in packages, but hourly rate is $199

BIG IDEAS going forward…

I hope to launch the Practical Strengths Certified Facilitator Program by early 2024. This will be focused on providing training around each of the books within the Practical Strengths Series and how to use them as a program for clients. We will likely launch with Communication Styles, with other books to follow.

Also, I’m looking at the idea of an (initially) virtual summit for 2024. As Gallup moves more toward a focus on the oragnizational environment, I’d like to create something for coaches who are more independent, as well as a way to welcome those who are new to strengths into the Practical Strengths Community. If you’d like to be a part of helping plan this endeavor, I’d love your help and ideas.

Practical Strengths

Certified Facilitators

Currently in development, we are working on a certification opportunity which will include programs built around the books as well as my signature programs such as Language of You and Strengths as a 2nd Language. To the right are the books currently available. In process and on deck are: Relationships, Grief & Resilience, Habits & Goal Setting, Inner Compass, Health & Wellness, Conflict Management, and Hobbies & Recreation.

Certification will only be open to Practical Strengths Members and membership will be a requirement to maintain certification.

Practical Strengths Parenting
Practical Strengths Parenting
Practical Strengths Parenting

Curious to know more?

Send me a note here – or even better – schedule a conversation with me.
I’d love to get to know you personally.

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