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Expand Your Network. Expand Your Knowledge.


Expand your network. Expand your knowledge.

Join by March 31, 2023 and enjoy grandfathered pricing for being an early adopter.
Should the price ever go up, not to worry, yours stays the same!
Membership includes 2 monthly live trainings and workshops.
You’ll also enjoy a BONUS 30-min 1:1 coaching session with me to use by May 31.
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If you’d like to hear a bit more about the vision and what I hope to accomplish, feel free to watch the video. My Futuristic and Connectedness likes to dream big – but the Maximizer wants to be sure it’s a WIN for everyone and is shaped for excellent service to all.

I envision a network that will grow from a virtual start to eventually having local PSMN leaders who can host their own in-person events. We are building out a Certification Program as well, which means you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of membership but also have an opportunity to become a Certified Practical Strengths Trainer. More on this to come.

Below you’ll find the current perks of becoming a monthly member. We are in growth mode over the next three months, so perks may change slightly. These are guaranteed perks through May 31. I’m hoping to build this network to be what members are hoping and searching for – this is a collaborative effort!

Programs and courses are generally priced between $750 – $1200 to give you an idea of potential savings.

1:1 coaching is typically priced in packages, but hourly rate is $199

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Practical Strengths

Certified Trainers

Currently in development, we are working on a certification opportunity which will include programs built around the books as well as my signature programs such as Language of You, Strengths as a 2nd Language, and Conversation Catalyst. To the right are the books currently available. In process and on deck are: Relationships, Grief & Resilience, Habits & Goal Setting, Inner Compass, Health & Wellness, Conflict Management, and Hobbies & Recreation.

Practical Strengths Parenting
Practical Strengths Parenting
Practical Strengths Parenting

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Send me a note here – or even better – schedule a conversation with me.
I’d love to get to know you personally.

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