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I’m on a mission to teach CliftonStrengths® as a 2nd language

Key pillars to accomplish this:

Equipping and empowering independent coaches and organizational strengths champions to master and multiply their impact

The Gallup-Licensed Practical Strengths Book Series exploring talents in everyday ways, recognizing both positive and negative impact.

The Practical Strengths Mastery Network and Foundation to build collaboration and creativity among Strengths Enthusiasts and Champions.

Just Launched!

Check out the newest eBook and journal, designed for coaches and consultants who are looking to startup their business. Based on over $15,000 worth of mistakes I made, doing my best to keep you from doing the same.

in 2003, 34 simple words changed my life.
those words were the 34 talents of cliftonstrengths®

It was like I received a user’s manual about myself for the first time. It was my A-Ha! Now my personality made sense. I understood why I like talking so much with so many different people. Why my mind is filled with so many ideas. Why I’m so emotional. It was a powerful and meaningful moment for me. One that I still remember clearly.

At last, I understood how to explain myself to other people.

Now, I sincerely can’t imagine not sharing this power with the world. This language that shows us how our differences are advantages, one that fuels our deepest WHY and one that can heal relationships. It’s not just my job, it’s my calling. And I look forward to sharing it with you.






Organizations, Teams

organizations & teams

Practical Strengths Mastery Network Membership

For those of us who have fully embraced Strengths or are on a path to doing so – as a language and as a way of life – I present you the Practical Strengths Mastery Network. This is a space where we collaboratively create and learn. The idea is to build and grow stronger together. We will start virtually, but the idea is to grow into local communities as well for in-person support and collaboration. I hope you’ll join us.

In addition, a portion of the membership will support the Practical Strengths Foundation coming in 2024. The goal of the Foundation is to subsidize the cost of CliftonStrengths Assessments for economically challenged communities.

Individual and organizational memberships available

Now Available on Amazon!

Practical Strengths: Parenting, Career Success, and Communication Styles are available in print and on Kindle through Amazon.

Get your copy now.

Click on the book to purchase.

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