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Dedicated to teaching CliftonStrengths® as a Second Language.

I’m on a mission to ensure that

talents aren’t wasted,
potentials are realized,
and happiness is contagious.

Practical Strengths: Career Success

The second book in the Practical Strengths Series is coming soon!
Print & Kindle copies available on Amazon Starting May 7, 2022.

Versión en español en proceso. Si quieres compartir tu historia breve para el libro, envíame un correo.

Practical Strengths: CAREER SUCCESS

Practical Strengths: PARENTING

Practical Strengths Career Success Book

in 2003, 34 simple words changed my life.
those words were the 34 talents of cliftonstrengths®

It was like I received a user’s manual about myself for the first time. It was my A-Ha! Now my personality made sense. I understood why I like talking so much with so many different people. Why my mind is filled with so many ideas. Why I’m so emotional. It was a powerful and meaningful moment for me. One that I still remember clearly.

At last, I understood how to explain myself to other people.

Now, I sincerely can’t imagine not sharing this power with the world. This language that shows us how our differences are advantages, one that fuels our deepest WHY and one that can heal relationships. It’s not just my job, it’s my calling. And I look forward to sharing it with you.

Organizations, Teams

organizations & teams

Culture and Communication are my main areas of focus. I love being a part of the culture journey, creating it to modifying it. And when it comes to communication, I lean-in to CliftonStrengths to enhance clarity and team dynamics. I also work with those who need to give a keynote, articles, or other presentations to creatively collaborate in the process of developing and designing your message.



I am your strategic and creative partner. Whether you are new to strengths or deepening your understanding and application of them, I’m here to help. My programs are designed to help you build your personal brand, your business so it works for YOU, or just get those messy thoughts in your head onto paper and into action.

Detangler Sessions

Do you find yourself stuck in your head?

Verbal processors and those who get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ will find concrete solutions in their tangled thoughts. Give a powerful voice to your ideas.

Try this unique session and see where it leads…

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