the best way to predict your future is to create it

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Consider me your Strengths Mentor
and Strategic Thought Partner

Amplify your impact. Boost your awareness. Create powerful partnerships.

Let’s build stronger together.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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New to Strengths?

Are you curious to learn your CliftonStrengths®? Perhaps you’ve recently taken the assessment and want to make sense of the results? Or maybe you’re just wondering, what next? This is where you start.


Strengths Professionals

Are CliftonStrengths® as one of the fundamental tools in your practice? Let me share with you how I can support you in amplifying your impact with your clients.

Organizations, Teams

Teams & Organizations

I love helping teams to to become more dynamic & interdependent by focusing on communication and strategically putting the right people in the right seats.

I am a disruptor. A systems builder.
A teams whisperer.

More than a coach, I am your Strategic Thought Parner. I believe in the power of Strengths to help you release your true potential by creating an instruction manual on how to best accomplish your mission(s) in life.

I am at my best when I:

  • Partner with other strengths enthusiasts and professionals to amplify their impact and solidify their knowledge of CliftonStrengths®
  • Work with leaders and teams to define their purpose, evaluate their roles & productivity, and improve the overall dynamic by improving communication

Learn more about my background by clicking the button below, or explore my published CliftonStrengths® books, Practical Strengths, and let’s schedule a call to take the first step of your journey.

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Consulting firms include Fortune 500 Companies and Luxury Retail brands – some of which cannot be named for confidentiality purposes.

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