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Quick reference tipsheet

Click the image to download the complete Quick Reference sheet for all the talents. A great little reminder to have around when needed.

Click there »

Tipsheet Career Click Here


All the Coaching Questions found in the book in one place!

There are two options for download, both are PDF.

  • Printable: for handwriting your answers (my recommendation)
  • Fillable: Write directly into the sheets in Adobe.

Sheets are color coded for each domain and include the Quick Reference Statements as well.

Suggested Uses:

  • For your own reflection
  • As conversation starters for your family
  • As a coaching tool for others

 Sample Pages:

Practical Strengths Career Success Workbook Cover


Enjoy this collection of graphics created with the Quick References Tipsheet.

Suggested ways to use them:

  • Share them on social media, starting a conversation with others
  • Use them as wallpaper on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Print them out and hang them in a place where you’ll see them regularly
  • Share them with family members
  • Create a collage with other family members

Thought of another way to use them? Let us know! Sharing is caring. smile

Instructions to download:

  1. Click on photo and it will enlarge
  2. Right click on enlargement and “Save As Image”


Click on button to download a zip file of all 34.

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