Are you feeling  overwhelmed creating your brand and building your business?


You don’t have to do it all,
just what works for you


Let me be your Strengths Driven Strategic Partner


Schedule your 15-min Detangler

and experience the power of this one conversation.
Explore a Strength. Solve a problem. It’s up to you.

Message, Marketing, Writer's Block
Overwhelm, Too many options, Stuck
Imposter Syndrome, Lack of confidence, Fear
Believe, Hope, Action, Build

I’m here to help you do 3 things:


get out of overwhelm

Just because the formula says you have to do it, doesn’t mean you do.


do what you love

Build your business around what brings you joy and what you do best.


Get moving

Break the “analysis paralysis” and take action.

See the beauty in you that others have always seen.

Are you ready to make the most of it?

creative collaboration

As a Strategic Partner, I offer loads of ways I can work with you. I have listed a few of my programs (which give us structure) and offers below, as well as the many ways I can support you. In order to simplify the process, I’ve converted to a sliding scale structure which can be used for whatever support you need at a price you can afford.

Payment plans and scholarships are possible – even for PSMN Members!
Money will never be the reason you can’t get started. There is always a solution.


All options include:

Eight (8) 30-min 1:1 sessions to be used over 3 months
(sessions may be combined for a longer session when necessary)

15-min laser coaching and WhatsApp/Email support between sessions

5 hours of graphic design or research support as needed




  • You feel abundant and do not worry about how you will cover your living expenses each month
  • You have savings and can afford to support sustainable learning for others.



  • You have a steady job and reliable stream of income, with money left over each month for discretionary spending.
  • You may not have an excess of savings, but you have “enough” to live comfortably.



  • You are able to cover basic living expenses each month, but don’t have much left over for discretionary spending.
  • You can afford to invest in this program without going into debt, but paying a higher price tier would set you back.

Choose your package and get started by clicking one of the buttons above.

If you’d rather have a chat first, desire a payment plan or scholarship options, book your
FREE 30-min consult conversation here.


As a Strategic Partner for you, my services go beyond just the coaching space – in fact, I really don’t consider myself a coach though it is a hat I wear. See the list below for the other ways I can support you as well as some of the programs I offer (some of which can be included in the package):

  • Brainstorming / Idea Generation
  • Program Design
  • Package Design
  • Coaching Support
  • Content Creation
  • TED Talk in Your Pocket
  • Graphic Design (website, marketing materials)
  • Personalized PowerPoint Templates
Building Strengths

The Language of You

Create the glossary of YOU. Set your tone and your message so it naturally resonates with those who need to hear what you have to say. Groups also offered on a quarterly basis and a great place to start.

Building Ideas, The Fours

The ‘Fours’ Strategy

Take your business from idea to reality.  The Fours are designed to build your story, your brand, your program and your platform at your pace. Marketing & branding that fits you. Stop thinking, start doing.

Detangling Sessions for you

  The Detangler Sessions

Do you find yourself stuck in your head? Verbal processors and those who get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ will find concrete solutions in their tangled thoughts. Give a powerful voice to your ideas.


  • TWO Monthly LIVE online workshops and training
  • Strategy Sessions  for business growth, ideation, and collaboration
  • Training Sessions including learning materials, activities and having a shared experience
  • 50-min 1:1 session for $50 until April 20, 2024
  • All recordings and resources shared ONLY with members
  • Priority registration to future programs, courses, & certifications
  • *20% Discount on programs and courses
  • 15-min 1:1 Laser Coaching availability (2x per month)

Curious to know more?

Send me a note here – or even better – schedule a conversation with me.
I’d love to get to know you personally.

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