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Money Mindset Workshop

Friday, October 27, 12pm EST (NYC)

Hosted by All the Colors Founder, Diana Gisel Yáñez, CFP®, RLP®

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Workshop Description

“I’m bad at money.” “I’m scared to spend money.” “I give a lot of money to friends and family, and rarely spend any on myself.” “I don’t know where my money goes.”

These are just some of the comments I hear when working with clients on money. We all have different patterns with money and it can feel confusing to know what’s “right”. In this workshop we look at five money archetypes, along with their unique gifts and challenges, as demonstrated by five very different trees. By seeing how what’s right for one archetype doesn’t fit for another, we get to expand our definition of money best practices while having compassion for the areas where we need to upskill how we do money. We do this while acknowledging that as women and femmes there’s often an extra layer of “shoulds” from society, family, and even ourselves.

In this workshop you’ll learn ways to forgive, release, and replace outdated ways of being around money and how family history may have influenced this. I end the session with a grounding in the outerworld of money (think budgeting, insurance, taxes, etc) and an invitation to continue to engage with this work, either on your own or with trusted professionals.

Diana Yáñez, CFP®, RLP® is a money coach at All the Colors and wealth manager at Strategy Squad. Diana provides clients with the education they need to make financial decisions, accountability to take action, and coaching to understand why they do what they do with money.

As an individual and group coach, Diana specializes in helping women of color entrepreneurs create sustainable money systems for themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Through Strategy Squad, Diana supports impact investors in aligning their values and investments.

Diana earned her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner designation and the Registered Life Planner™ designation. Diana completed Compassionate Inquiry™ training to enhance her facilitation skills in a trauma informed way.

When she’s not helping clients own their power with money and life, you’ll find her hiking, reading in parks, and learning more about Latin American history.




  • You feel abundant and do not worry about how you will cover your living expenses each month
  • You have savings and can afford to support sustainable learning for others.


  • You have a steady job and reliable stream of income, with money left over each month for discretionary spending.
  • You may not have an excess of savings, but you have “enough” to live comfortably.


  • You are able to cover basic living expenses each month, but don’t have much left over for discretionary spending.
  • You can afford to invest in this program without going into debt, but paying a higher price tier would set you back.

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