I am your strategic and creative partner. Whether you are new to strengths or deepening your understanding and application of them, I’m here to help. My programs are designed to help you build your personal brand, your business so it works for YOU, or just get those messy thoughts in your head onto paper and into action. As a coach, I also offer train the trainer options and can help you design high-impact programs for your clients.



If you are supporting an internal strengths program, but it has you feeling a bit lost, I can help. In my 20+ years of working with strengths, I’ve noticed one of the key factors holding back the development of a successful and sustainable strengths program is often confidence and knowledge. Whenther strengthening your own team, or trying to deepen your personal knowledge to be an exemplary coach, I can help.

Organizations, Teams

organizations & teams

Team Dynamics and Communication are my main areas of focus. I have a special knack for diagnosing what’s working and what’s not, all through the lens of Strengths. When it comes to communication, I lean-in to CliftonStrengths to enhance clarity and team dynamics. I also work with those who need to give a keynote, write articles, or other presentations to creatively collaborate in the process of developing and designing your message.

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