Trying to do it all BY yourself is hard.

So don’t.

The Fours

Why ‘The Fours’?

My #Activator loves project work and most of all, I want to keep you moving forward.

This is all 1:1 work.

I work in blocks which consist of 4 highly focused hours (4-8 sessions) to move you from idea to implementation. How much time it takes is entirely up to you. I work with you at your pace.

Wanna hear some great news? Prices actually go down when you continue to work with me.
I love rewarding loyalty and dedication.

the strengths path

to building your brand and your business.

You’ll notice time estimates below each step. Based on your knowledge – and my past experience, every person is a bit different in how fast they work. I have given my best estimate of how much time we will spend together in each area. However, there are extra hours of work outside of our sessions as well which are included in your package.

EST TIME: 2-4 hours

Diving into your natural talents so we can aim them in the best direction for you.


  • Discovery Session
  • Highs and Lows Exploration
  • Theme Dynamics
  • Motivation, Skills and Values

RESULT: Define with clarity The Language of You.

EST TIME: 2-4 hours

Writing your own biography can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do…


  • Talent Detangler
  • Legacy
  • Bio

An introduction and personal story which connects to your ideal audience.

EST TIME: 1-2 hours

Your fonts, colors and the images you use say just as much as the words you choose.


  • Visual Elements
  • Knowing your Audience
  • Creating your Style

RESULT: A defined style guide, logo, and portfolio of photos.

EST TIME: 3-4 hours

You need to be known for ONE THING.
Do you know what that is?


  • Creating a signature program or process
  • Pricing
  • Offer structure
  • Evolution of offerings

RESULT: A well-defined roadmap for a successful launch & the evolution of your business.

EST TIME: 3-4 hours

When you speak passionately about what you do, sales happen naturally.


  • Creating a TED Talk in your pocket
  • Creating your personalized marketing strategy

RESULT: A story that sells. A smarter-not-harder strategy for content and marketing for months

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Investment & Details

To simplify the process, I’ve converted to a sliding scale structure
which can be used for whatever support you need at a price you can afford.

Payment plans and scholarships are possible.
Money will never be the reason you can’t get started. There is always a solution.


All options include:

Eight (8) 30-min 1:1 sessions to be used over 3 months
(sessions may be combined for a longer session when necessary)

15-min laser coaching and WhatsApp/Email support between sessions

5 hours of graphic design or research support as needed

PSMN Members may apply their discount to any package


  • You feel abundant and do not worry about how you will cover your living expenses each month
  • You have savings and can afford to support sustainable learning for others.


  • You have a steady job and reliable stream of income, with money left over each month for discretionary spending.
  • You may not have an excess of savings, but you have “enough” to live comfortably.


  • You are able to cover basic living expenses each month, but don’t have much left over for discretionary spending.
  • You can afford to invest in this program without going into debt, but paying a higher price tier would set you back.

Choose your package and get started by clicking one of the buttons above.

If you’d rather have a chat first, desire a payment plan or scholarship options, book your
FREE 30-min consult conversation here.


As a Strategic Partner for you, my services go beyond just the coaching space – in fact, I really don’t consider myself a coach though it is a hat I wear. See the list below for the other ways I can support you as well as some of the programs I offer (some of which can be included in the package):

  • Brainstorming / Idea Generation
  • Program Design
  • Package Design
  • Coaching Support
  • Content Creation
  • TED Talk in Your Pocket
  • Graphic Design (website, marketing materials)
  • Personalized PowerPoint Templates

discover the possibilities. let’s connect.

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