What would you do

if you weren’t afraid?

Ditch Fear. Gain Power. Feel Joy.

When was the last time you did something that pushed you out of your comfort zone?

Something, that on the other side of it, didn’t seem so difficult – or terrifying – afterall?

This idea has been in my head for quite awhile. There are so many time in my life when all it took was ONE person to encourage me, to believe in me, to show me I was capable of something I didn’t believe myself.

And coming out on the other side of it –

I felt powerful. I felt confident. I felt inspired.

And this is what I want for you.

That’s me after successfully dominating a very high sand dune in Ica, Peru.

Event Descriptions

The basic design of the Risk & Reward events is to do a group activity in one of the four areas listed below and then to celebrate our victories afterward. The only requirement is to have taken your CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder) beforehand. Why? Because knowing our natural motivations, tolerance for risk, and what we need, will bring greater clarity to the before and after to each event. Please contact me directly if you need to take the assessment ($20 or $60 options available).


Events which push you out of your physical comfort zone including anything from exertion, to strength, to body celebration.


Events which push you out of your emotional comfort zone including anything from breathwork, to spirit work, to vulnerability.


Events which push you out of your social comfort zone including anything from talking to strangers, acts of kindness, to flirting.


Events which push you out of your creative comfort zone including anything from writing to performing and visual arts.

Upcoming Events

Special Launch Offer – Only $3000 for 1st 10

promo code: FIRST10

Learn to ride a motorcycle

We are partnering with the incredible, Cló Ovalle of She Can Ride, for our very first event!

When: Saturday, 21 October, from 8:45am to 2pm
Who: All skill levels encouraged
Investment: $3500mxn

Learn the basics of riding a motorcyle, from how to lift and manage it to balance and maneuvering. We will also provide light snacks and water. This is perfect for anyone who has always wanted to learn to those who never even considered it… Leave Empowered.

First 10 people to register ONLY $3000!

Future Events include Virtual and In-Person options:

  • Holotropic Breathwork  – V & IP
  • Improv – IP
  • Art Sessions – V & IP
  • Boudoir Photography – IP
  • Open Mic – V & IP

And we’re always looking for suggestions… 

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