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34 Words that Unite 8 Billion People

When I took the CliftonStrengths Assessment over 20yrs ago, it was like I received a user’s manual about myself for the first time. It was my A-Ha! Now my personality made sense. I understood why I like talking so much with so many different people. Why my mind is filled with so many ideas. Why I’m so emotional. It was a powerful and meaningful moment for me. One that I still remember clearly.

At last, I understood how to explain myself to other people.

Now, I sincerely can’t imagine not sharing this power with the world. This language that shows us how our differences are advantages, one that fuels our deepest WHY and one that can heal relationships. It’s not just my job, it’s my calling.

This is what drives me to build this community.

Supporting Passionate
Strengths Champions

With over 20 years of experience and 8 years as an officially certified Gallup Coach, I have seen the power of learning one’s strengths, many times over. The most common response I have to my introductory program, The Language of You, is “I finally feel like I have permission to be me.”

Can you imagine how amazing it would be if more people felt this way?

The more I worked with Strengths, the more I saw the benefit of taking this language out of the professional space and applying it in our personal lives. This led to a licensing partnership with Gallup and the book series Practical Strengths was born. Currently, three books have been published, three more are on their way in the first half of 2024. And at least 6 more are on the horizon, including the Practical Strengths Manifesto which will include several case studies of the positive impact on Strengths, by sharing Leadership Rhode Island’s amazing story along with other stories involving family, education, trauma/rehabilitation, non-profit, and more.

My Vision

To build a global community and be a champion supporter and strategic thought partner for others who are growing the Strengths Movement.

It started with the Practical Strengths Mastery Network. This community comes together online with people from all over the world – beginners and masters alike – to share, learn, and collaborate. The membership is offered on a sliding scale basis, which allows anyone to participate and gain knowledge and experience at a level that suits their pocketbook. This is a reflection of my desire to democratize coaching.

I want to throw my pebble in and create a ripple effect of others who do the same.

I’m on a mission to grow my vision for CliftonStrengths® in 2024.

Do you have the time, talent, or treasure?
Help me lift Practical Strengths – and others – to the next level. Those who support through treasure are supporting:

💰 Registering the LLC, trademark and 501c3 for Practical Strengths
💰 Purchasing 2 bundles of ISBN numbers to support translated books
💰 Legal and tax consults to ensure getting it right from the start
💰 Hiring PT administrative help to help manage growth

Have time or talent? I’m looking for an operations partner as well as licensing partners for translation, resources, and support. I’d also love to have more social media support – meaning sharing posts, events, etc.

I believe these are 34 words that unite 8 billion people. We need this vocabulary taught as a 2nd language. We can build stronger communities by celebrating the individual while also benefiting from our differences.

I’m looking for others who have the same passion I do for this amazing tool and deeply desire to create a positive and sustainable impact for others.


Please note that once you make your contribution, you should be directed back to this site to claim your reward. If not, please be sure to MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY to coordinate.

If you have time or talent to contribute, please message me as well to discuss.


Consider Membership

If you are new to Strengths or a seasoned Strengths Champion, consider joining the PSMN. It’s a truly collaborative community with an abundance mindset which comes together for shared learning and growth experiences.

Click the button to learn more and join.


Coaching +

  • 8x 1:1 60-min sessions
  • Monthly Mastermind group
  • 6 hours graphic design support
  • $2500 value


Pick ANY ONE (1) of the following:

  • 4x 1:1 60-min sessions
  • New or Updated PowerPoint Presentation
  • TED Talk in Your Pocket to refine/define your message (4 sessions)
  • Apply toward any Practical Strengths Program of your choice
  • $1100 value


Only for new members

  • Join at the ANGEL Level ($65/mo)
  • Two (2) 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Twice monthly 15-min laser coaching
  • Twice monthly Virtual Workshops
  • $390 value

Your Support Matters

Even $5 will make a difference. You can choose a one-time donation or a monthly contribution.

For all donations of $20 or more, receive a 3-month trial membership to the PSMN. Offer for new members only.

Other Ways You Can Help

As I mentioned before, giving comes in many forms: time, talent, or treasure. And each plays an important role in the success of any venture. It’s not always possible to support financially, so here are some other options:

  • Share this campaign with others
  • Be a mentor or strategic thought partner for me – I certainly need guidance on how to set up the business correctly, non-profit formation (and board members), and  designing the licensing partnership
  • Administrative support (4 hrs a week approx)
  • Open to other ideas…

Thank you in advance for your support!


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